The Hottest Celebrities Who’ve Posed For Playboy

: July 2007

Amanda was the unquestioned American Olympic sex symbol, a belated answer to Germany’s Katarina Witt. She grew up at the games before our eyes — at her first Olympics, Atlanta ’96, she was just 14 years old. She posed nude in 2007, but not as a post-script — she made the 2008 Olympic team, and was elected co-captain with fellow hotties Dara Torres and Nancy Coughlin.

Issue: March 1994, December 2003

Doherty’s pictorial hit newsstands shortly before her character, Brenda Walsh, left Beverly Hills, 90210. If you liked the bad girl, Brenda was your cup of tea. It was said that Shannen was a bit of a Brenda off camera as well, and that friction with the rest of the cast led to her dismissal. When she showed up nude in Playboy—even though it was just three pictures in a larger pictorial promoting “safe sex”—all your hopes were confirmed. Such a bad girl.

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